Metroplex Pets

Our goal at Metroplex Pets is to bring exposure to shelter pets in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas that in need of homes. We also are providing a place for people to get together and network for the common goal of saving the lives of animals in need. Whether you are with a shelter or rescue, are willing to foster or are looking to adopt, we hope you'll join us.

Our aim is to build a community where we can work together to get more dogs and cats out of shelters and into homes. We'll provide a network and integrate with various social media outlets to help spread the word.

Our Features

Metroplex Pets is incorporating several features in order to best accomplish our goals. We have built a discussion forum where various members of the rescue community can post needs and find volunteers to help save animals. In addition to the forums, we also are creating a link directory listing not only various rescues and no kill shelters, but potential fosters and adopters can list their contact information so that rescue organizations can get in touch when help is needed for placing animals. Lastly, we are including a gallery, where we will post pictures and details for the most urgent animals that are desperately in need of help to get out of area shelters.

Each of these elements will be integrated with social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Using social media will hopefully extend our range of exposure to the maximum possible in order to reach as many interested people as possible and in turn help as many animals as possible. Many smaller shelters don't have the manpower, the budget, the ability to increase their exposure. They are often overwhelmed, under-staffed and just don't have the reach of larger shelters in bigger cities. We hope to enable all shelters to get the help they need to save more animals.